1st Grade Dance Class for Week of March 23rd-27th

1st Grade (This is optional to help get the wiggles out)

Do dance warm-up Big-X, little -ball, shake your arms and legs, march in place, turn in circle tapping head, toothpick touch your toes repeat. Sit crisscross apple sauce high back, low back up and down shoulders shrug high and low. Arms up, legs out, feet together. Reach up high straight arms reach for toes, repeat and hold several times reach high reach for toes, tap all over legs, arms, tummy, back, head, scrub a dub whole body, squeeze muscles, toes, nose and brain! Shout out "HELLO BRAIN"!!!

Make shapes in HIGH, MIDDLE, and LOW Space

**Also review the right and left side of your body playing the game calling out right arm, left leg etc.

** Play the directions game using North, South, East and West. Review with a family member by making shapes in the direction called out and jumping into the correct direction as it's called out.

For example Parent: WEST Student: Jumps in the direction of West and makes a shape** Send Video to smith_c@hcde.org Always Have a dance party! To get out all the wiggles and take a break!

Miss You BIG HUGS!

Ms. Cinnamon

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