Online Lessons Week 1: Hola, Hattie the Hedgehog

Spanish- Español

Señora Marcy Paulson

Have fun practicing Spanish at home!

Lesson 1!

Yo tengo una mascota muy interesante. I have a very interesting pet. We have been talking about some of our pets in Spanish class. Would you like to meet mine? Check out the video below.

Muestrame tu mascota. (Show me your pet.) You don't have to, but if you think it would be fun, I'd love to see your pet! Snap a photo of your pet and send it to this email link: Be sure to include your name, your pet's name, and your teacher's name along with any interesting facts about your pet so I can share it with everyone and talk about it in Spanish. Muchas gracias! I can't wait to see them!

Lesson 2!

Las Puas de Hattie - (Hattie's Quills)

I bet you're curious about Hattie's quills. You can find out some fun facts about them in this video lesson.

Lesson 3!

Vamos a Cantar - (Let's Sing)

Let's practice our Spanish numbers by singing the song in this video lesson. You'll also get to hear Mr. Paulson play his ukulele!

Lesson 4!

Vamos a Jugar - (Let's Play)

Let's practice the numbers we were just singing about with the popular game Toma Todo! This video lesson has brief directions for the game. They are posted below. Have fun teaching this to your family!

Toma todo is a popular game in Mexico and a fun way to practice Spanish numbers this week!

La Topa: The top - You can make your own "top" with the template found here:

Topa or pirinola means top in Spanish. The top for Toma Todo has six sides. Make sure you know what each side says before playing.

list of 6 items

  • Toma uno - Take one
  • Toma dos - Take two
  • Toma todo - Take all
  • Pon uno - Put one
  • Pon dos - Put two
  • Todos ponen - Everyone put in (everyone puts in 2 chips) list end

To Start:

Each player should have ten chips or counters. You can use pennies, beans, or even pebbles.

Before the game can start, Each player puts two chips in the center, or the "pot."

To Play:

Each player takes turns spinning the "topa." When it comes to rest, read aloud the instructions on the highest part of the top. The player may be told to take one or two or all the chips from the pot. Or the player may have to put one or two chips into the pot. "Todos Ponen" means that every player places two chips into the pot. If a player doesn't have enough chips to follow the directions on the top, he is out of the game.

IMPORTANT-any time the pot is empty or is left with only one chip, every player must put two chips into the pot to replenish it. If a player can't help to refill the pot, he is out.

To Win:

the last player remaining in the game with chips is the winner!

Practice Spanish While You Play:

Your vocabulary to practice from this week's lessons are the numbers and the sentences, "Tengo" and No tengo (I have and I don't have). Yo means I in Spanish, but unlike English, pronouns are often left out."Tengo" is all you need to say "I have." "Yo" or I is sometimes added for greater emphasis.

Each time you add or take away chips from your stash, tell everyone how many you have by saying…

Yo tengo diez - I have ten

Yo tengo nueve - I have nine

Yo tengo ocho - I have eight

Yo tengo siete - I have seven

Yo tengo seis - I have six

Yo tengo cinco - I have five

As your chips run low, you can add "solo" or "only" by saying…

Solo tengo cuatro - I only have four

Solo tengo tres - I only have three

Solo tengo dos - I only have two

Solo tengo uno - I only have one

If you have 1 chip or less and spin "Pon 2" "Pon 1+, or if anyone spins "Todos Ponen" say…

No tengo dos - I don't have two

No tengo uno - I don't have one

To ask a player how many chips they have, say…

¿Cuántos tienes? - How many do you have?

Some fun phrases to throw in include…

¡Buena suerte! - Good luck!

¡Que Buena suerte! -What good luck!

¡Que mala suerte! - What bad luck!

Tortuga Concha

Exhibit Night Video

We missed Exhibit Night, but you can still show your parents the song we learned. Sing along with Tortuga Concha at home!

Tortuga Concha Challenge Video!

Here's the version of Tortuga Concha with both parts in a round. Try teaching a family member one of the parts, and you sing the other. Can you do it?!

Now that you completed the lessons from Week 1, you can click here to find out more about Hattie the Hedgehog in the online lessons for Week 2

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