Online Lessons Week 2: ¿Cómo está Hattie? ¡Hattie está bien!

If you missed last week's lessons about my pet Hattie the Hedgehog, you can click here to catch up before going on to the new lessons for this week.

Lesson 1: ¿Cómo está Hattie? ¡Hattie está bien! (How is Hattie? Hattie is doing well!)

See what a hedgehog looks like on a good day while reviewing Spanish vocabulary for asking how someone is feeling and for expressing your own feelings and emotions.

Lesson 2: ¡Vamos a Cantar! Let's Sing! The "Buenos Días" Song

Here's a song we like to sing in Spanish class. Teach the words to your family so they can understand more of the lesson about Hattie the hedgehog.

Lesson 3: ¡Vamos a Cantar! Let's Sing! Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

In this week's lesson about Hattie the hedgehog, we look at her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, feet, stomach, and tail to find out what kind of mood she's in. Let's practice the Spanish words for those parts of the body with this fun song.

Lesson 4: Butters, el Pez Payaso (Butters the Clownfish)

Let's review some of our Spanish colors and greetings in this video featuring Pheoby's pet clownfish, Butters.

Lesson 5: Anémona--¿Amigo o Enamigo? (Anemone--Friend or Foe)

Let's find out who else is in Pheobe's fish tank! See if you remember the Spanish colors and parts of the body in this listening practice about the unusual creature who shares Butter's aquarium.

Now that you learned what Hattie is like in a good mood, you should check out the lessons in Week 3 to find what she looks like when she's not quite so happy.

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