Online Lessons Week 7: ¿A Hattie, Qué Le Gusta Hacer?


1. Normal Park's Pets Photo Gallery - Email me at a photo or video of your pet. Then I will email you back the easy way to create a label in Spanish.

2. Bilingual Book - Add on to the bilingual book by Normal Park (directions at bottom of this page).

It will be so fun to look at pictures of all our amazing Normal Park pets on Exhibit Night and to find out interesting facts about them in Spanish!

¿A Hattie, qué le gusta hacer? What does Hattie like to do?

Practice talking about what you like and what you don't like while you visit Hattie the Hedgehog's house and find out the things she likes to do.

Perro Grande, Perro Pequeño - By Normal Park

Check out what your friends have added to the Normal Park version of Big Dog, Little Dog! Do you have a fun idea about what Fred and Ted will do next? Directions for adding your page are at bottom of this web page. This is the last week to get your page into the book.

Los Gatos de Normal Park

Check out a few of your friends' cats. You'll find out what they like and what they don't like.

Tres Mas Gatos de Normal Park

Three more fun felines from Normal Park. What does these cats like to do? Let's find out!

Super Fun Project: Let's Write a Book! ¡Vamos a Escribir un Libro!

Let's create a Normal Park version of "Perro Grande Perro Pequeño!" Check out the video introduction and the instructions below to find out more!

Instructions for making a page for the book:

I bet you all could come up with some hilarious illustrations of Fred and Ted. We should make a Normal Park version of this book. If you send me a page, I'll put the pages together and make a video read-aloud. I'll add on to it week by week.

Think of a funny thing Perro Grande and Perro Pequeño like doing together.

Draw Fred and Ted doing something together, but remember, they always do things differently.

Write two sentences IN ENGLISH describing your illustration.

The first sentence tells what they are doing. The second sentence tells how they each do it differently from each other.

You write the sentences in English and I'll translate them into Spanish to make our story into a bilingual book just like "Perro Grande Perro Pequeño!" If you use words we've talked about in class like numbers, colors, clothes, parts of the body, seasons, rooms of the house etc,, I bet you'll recognize some of them when you hear your page in Spanish!


This project is optional, If you have a fun idea and you like to draw, go for it!

Please TYPE the words for your page in an email to me, do not write the words on the picture.


Keep it simple, one or two short English sentences is all you need.

Attach your illustration to the email by snapping a photo of it or scanning it if you have a scanner.

Your illustration will be online, so if you put your name on the picture, please make sure you write your first name only.

Please type your name and your teacher's name in the email so I can announce the pictures we add to our book each week.

I can't wait to see what you come up with. If you want some ideas, check out the video instructions for the project. Remember, have fun!

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