Bus Info

Transportation phone number: 423-498-5555

Bus Routes

Hamilton County provides school bus service to students who reside outside a 1.5-mile radius of the school they are zoned to attend. Each bus follows a predetermined route with designated pick-up and drop-off stops to safely and efficiently transport children to and from school. Students must ride their designated bus and get off at their designated stops. If you would like a stop added that is in our school zone, go to www.hcde.org.

There are a few stops that reach outside our zone to accommodate our magnet students. Additional stops outside of our zone can not be added.

For the bus route lists, click on the link on the right side of this page ->

NOTE: Transportation between the Upper School Campus and the Lower School Campus is provided by bus ONLY for children of Normal Park teachers. No other student may ride the bus between campuses unless that is the child's bus stop because of the close proximity of their home to our school. This applies to both morning and afternoon arrivals and departures.

Bus Conduct
Behavior on the school bus is to be the same as in the classroom. For the safety and welfare of all students, the bus driver cannot tolerate any misconduct on the bus. The principal is responsible for applying the Hamilton County policies regarding such behavior, which can be as severe as suspending the offending student(s) from riding the bus. After an initial written warning from a bus driver, the school administrators reserve the right to suspend a student's ability to ride the bus if behavior is not appropriate at all times. This will be strictly enforced and also applies to bus behavior during Learning Expeditions.

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