Normal Park SPARK

What is Normal Park Spark?

Normal Park Spark is the umbrella support organization that funds and provides many needs for NPMM. Normal Park owes its success to the efforts of faculty, students, parents and the surrounding community. SPARK marshals the resources of these groups to foster the high student achievement that the school is known for locally and beyond.

When NPMM combined our PTA, Education Fund, and the Lightning Athletic Club three years ago, we created a more streamlined organization to provide support for our school and achieve our necessary fundraising goals.

The Spark Fund supports many crucial elements of NPMM:
-Production materials and supplies for every exhibit each year
-Important faculty positions
-All materials and instruction for the Science Labs
-STEM lab materials
-Professional development for faculty
-Professional consultants to enhance instruction
-Related Arts support
-And many more items critical to the mission of teaching the Whole Child

When NPMM and SPARK leadership determines what our students need to meet parent and district expectations, SPARK makes it happen. SPARK, therefore, directly enhances your child's experience and sets our school a part.

The 2020/2021school year presents new challenges. Unlike years past, we do not know exactly what the needs of our school will be or which of our traditional fundraisers will be possible. We do know SPARK must be ready to provide vital support to students and faculty and to respond to circumstances as they develop. When the pandemic does end, our community will want SPARK to provide the same services to our school that it always has. So, we need to accomplish a lot this year in spite of the difficulties that we all face.

We need your support. Please consider a one time donation or setting up a recurring donation. Checks are made out to the NPMM Ed Fund OR the absolute easiest way to help our students is to go to: to make a donation. For $25/month, you will cover what Spark traditionally spends on your child. You can set up a recurring withdrawal or make a one time online donation. The software is very easy to use and you can tailor your donation to best fit your family. Thank you!

What is the Lightning Athletic Club?

The LAC is SPARK's athletic booster club. From its founding in 2014, the Lightning Athletic Club leaders have believed that physical activity complements academic development and personal growth. It is the mission of the LAC to offer a wide range of quality programs which will encourage and facilitate all participants to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness and well being.

Normal Park SPARK Support Infographic

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